Our hair has the ability to reflect to the world, at a glance, our personal “need to be.” It’s a visual way of saying “this is who I am.” It’s certainly not the only way we represent ourselves, yet it still has the power to create self-confidence and a sense of attraction. The way our hair looks affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. That’s why our team of extraordinary stylists are trained to create the perfect look for our clients. We encourage staying current and we inspire change.

Sometimes it’s just a simple update to keep things fresh. It’s our mission to maintain youthfulness and excitement in our clients and the styles we chose together. We have the tools to inspire and the dedication to make each and every client look and feel great.

*Service fees based on stylist experience level
*Recommended patch test 24 hrs prior to service.
*Call ahead or stop in for an appointment